Blog Break: NaNoWriMo

I will be taking this and the next blog post off to work on my NaNoWriMo project: Protect the Innocent. Posts will resume on December 13th. See you then! Runner Pholidota’Dom, trained as a Paladin of the Order since childhood, must break her sacred oath and assassinate the imperial heir for the money to saveContinue reading “Blog Break: NaNoWriMo”

Character Profile: Gareth

Try as he might to drown out the past, it always finds a way to seep through. Full Name: Gareth Fuentes, or “Gary” as Elora likes to call him. Age: 28 Birth date: August 25 Height: 6’2″ Weight: Light for his height. Gary is tall and lean. Personality: Gary is authoritarian, cold, and closed off. As head of his department, heContinue reading “Character Profile: Gareth”

5 Steps of Novel Writing pt.2 : DRAFTING

So, you’re done outlining and ready to move on to the next step. Well, welcome to the meat and potatoes of novel writing: drafting. This is where you’ll put your ideas to paper and create what will eventually become your completed manuscript. But first, you must tackle the dreaded first draft. Here are some tips.Continue reading “5 Steps of Novel Writing pt.2 : DRAFTING”

Character Profile: Bertie

The first man to enter the alien vessel known as the Compass never came back out. Full Name: Albert “Bertie” Fuentes Age: 28 Birth date: January 20 Height: 5’8″ Weight: Heavy. Bertie has a thick, stocky build. Personality: Bertie is kind, caring, compassionate, and outgoing. Considering himself a “people person” he is the best friendContinue reading “Character Profile: Bertie”

5 Steps of Novel Writing pt.1 : OUTLINE

Alright, alright. I know. This blog post has been done time and time again, but you should definitely listen to me because I’m right… Or, I mean… I don’t know. You’re here anyway. Plus, it’s always good to explore different perspectives and approaches. Okay, so I’m not great at selling blog posts. But here’s theContinue reading “5 Steps of Novel Writing pt.1 : OUTLINE”

Character Profile: Elora

In a solar system that fears and hates robots, Elora has the misfortune of being a cyborg. Full Name: Elora Cussons Age: 22 Birth date: November 7 Height: 5’7″ Weight: Heavier than you’d think (due to her metal implants). Personality: Elora is arrogant, snarky, sarcastic, and often downright mean. She’s become an expert at keepingContinue reading “Character Profile: Elora”

The Success of Ternary

Now that I’ve shared one of my failures, let me tell you a little bit about one of my personal successes. If you haven’t already seen, my sci-fi romance story Ternary was selected for publication. Here’s a little bit about how that happened and why I ended up taking the path I did for thisContinue reading “The Success of Ternary”

An Exciting Announcement!

I could not be more excited to announce that I will be joining forces with NineStar Press to bring you my sci-fi romance Ternary! It will be available in digital format and print Spring 2021! More information to come in future blog posts, so please keep checking in (or subscribe to my newsletter to beContinue reading “An Exciting Announcement!”

The Failure of Fire Master Marley

Getting published is hard! I often see bloggers posting their success stories, but I want to do something a little bit different. This post, I’ll be sharing one of my personal failures in publishing. I hope people will see this and learn about where I went wrong, but also see that failure in publishing isContinue reading “The Failure of Fire Master Marley”

My Writing History

Welcome to my very first blog post. I will be posting new content here every other Sunday. Sign up for my newsletter to get regular updates. A part of this is going to be me figuring this whole blogging thing out, but I do actually have a post planned for today. I want to tellContinue reading “My Writing History”