Character Profile: Gareth

Image by RasheruSuzie

Try as he might to drown out the past, it always finds a way to seep through.

Full Name: Gareth Fuentes, or “Gary” as Elora likes to call him.

Age: 28

Birth date: August 25

Height: 6’2″

Weight: Light for his height. Gary is tall and lean.

Personality: Gary is authoritarian, cold, and closed off. As head of his department, he rules with an iron fist and has no tolerance for time wasting, laziness, or disrespect. Despite his hardened exterior, however, he is fiercely loyal, tends to get attached easily, and is quick to love.

Occupation: Gary began his career as a botanist, but has since taken over as head of the Compass Project. He has dedicated himself to unlocking the secrets of the Compass, a mysterious alien ship that appeared in the space between Earth and Mars a year before, the same ship that caused the death of his husband.

Parents: Not much is known about Gary’s family, as he rarely speaks of his upbringing. He spent a good portion of his youth at Bertie’s house and was practically raised by Mr. and Mrs. Fuentes. The little that is revealed of his home life suggests he was better off. Only Bertie knows the deep dark secrets of his childhood.

Siblings: Gary has at least one brother with whom he is no longer in contact.

Heritage: Gary was born in Greenville, South Carolina and lived there until his acceptance into the Fleet Academy. It is assumed the rest of his family is still there. Wherever they are, Gary was more than happy to take Bertie’s name after their marriage and leave them behind. None of Gary’s family attended the wedding which accommodated over 300 guests.

Hobbies: Gary likes plants more than he likes people and, to that end, has amassed a luscious garden of alien plant-life from the Compass. Unfortunately, he had to leave the care of the precious plants in the hands of his coworkers when he took over the project as a whole. But he still has a soft spot for green things and is quick to share his love and passion with anyone who will humor him.

Likes: Plants, throwing his weight around, puzzles, and savory snacks.

Dislikes: Loudness, time-wasting, not following the rules, and being bothered when he’s working.

Strengths: Gift-giving, an ability to take charge and command any situation, genius-level intelligence.

Weaknesses: Bertie, arrogance, and a lack of patience.

Wants: Gary wants Bertie back. Although he’s never said so out loud, this was his entire motivation for taking over the Compass Project. He’d do anything to go back to the way things once were, and when Bert is trapped in the mind of a cyborg, he’ll do whatever it takes to remain close to him and keep him in his life.

Problems: Elora.

Gary’s story, Ternary, is scheduled to release in the spring of 2021. Subscribe to my newsletter for regular updates.

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