Character Profile: Bertie

Image by RasheruSuzie

The first man to enter the alien vessel known as the Compass never came back out.

Full Name: Albert “Bertie” Fuentes

Age: 28

Birth date: January 20

Height: 5’8″

Weight: Heavy. Bertie has a thick, stocky build.

Personality: Bertie is kind, caring, compassionate, and outgoing. Considering himself a “people person” he is the best friend of everyone he meets and goes out of his way to treat others with respect. On the other hand, he is also incredibly vain and puts a great deal of stock into personal appearance.

Occupation: Bertie has been dead for a year, his consciousness trapped aboard an alien space ship. However, in life, he was a well-regarded xenobiologist.

Parents: Bertie’s mother and father own a peach orchard in South Carolina. His father was part of the Costa Rican relief effort that came to the resource-ravaged U.S to help establish sustainable living programs. He hadn’t been in the country long when he met Bertie’s mother. The two of them are still together, although Bertie’s sister has since taken over the farm.

Siblings: Bertie grew up with four sisters with whom he is incredibly close.

Heritage: Bertie was born and raised on his family’s peach orchard, which his mother inherited from her grandfather. He comes from a long line of people who have made their living working with the Earth and is something of a blacksheep for pursuing a career in space.

Hobbies: Bertie is all about self-care and knows a thing or two about eating right, staying fit, living comfortably, and looking good. To that end, his hobbies include yoga, reading, makeup, and hairstyling, which he frequently practiced on his many sisters growing up.

Likes: People, parties, romance novels, star charts, and the prospect of alien life.

Dislikes: Rudeness, junk food, feeling like he didn’t accomplish what he set out to on any given day.

Strengths: Intelligence, including emotional intelligence, kindness.

Weaknesses: Easy to trust even when he shouldn’t, too concerned with physical appearance, puts career before anything else in his life.

Wants: Bertie wants to get back to where his life left off the day he set foot aboard the Compass. Being alone, trapped aboard an alien ship, was a level of hell he hopes to forget. But when he encounters Elora and is downloaded into her cybernetic brain, he only finds himself in a whole new kind of prison. Handling Elora’s bad attitude is one thing, but watching his old life pass him by through her eyes is almost too much to bear.

Problems: Bertie may have found a second chance at life through Elora, but not the way he hoped. He can only be with Gareth, his husband and the love of his life, if Elora allows it, but the two of them get along about as well as toddlers and broccoli. If he can bring them together, he may be able to recover a semblance of what he used to have, but will it ever be enough?

Bertie’s story, Ternary, is scheduled to release in the spring of 2021. Subscribe to my newsletter for regular updates.

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