Character Profile: Elora

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In a solar system that fears and hates robots, Elora has the misfortune of being a cyborg.

Full Name: Elora Cussons

Age: 22

Birth date: November 7

Height: 5’7″

Weight: Heavier than you’d think (due to her metal implants).

Personality: Elora is arrogant, snarky, sarcastic, and often downright mean. She’s become an expert at keeping people at arm’s length. After losing everyone she ever cared about the day her identity was discovered, she’s careful not to let anyone get too close.

Occupation: Elora has no current occupation. However, she did spend some time training to become a teacher. That part of her feels like a past life, and she rarely speaks of it.

Parents: Jessica and Robert Cussons, renowned surgeon and robotics specialist, respectively. You might be able to guess how Elora came to be a cyborg, and you’d be right. Both are incarcerated for the crime of having created her.

Siblings: Elora is an only child.

Heritage: Elora was born and raised on the island of Kauai. She is descended from a military family, and her grandmother retired there after her years of service. Her lineage is full of robotics specialists, going all the way back to her great great (great great?) grandfather Richard Cussons who founded his own robotics company before the start of the Great Human-AI War.

Hobbies: Elora likes to write. She especially likes journaling but has dabbled in fiction writing. It may or may not be implied that the book is actually a memoir written by Elora herself.

Likes: Running, swimming, sleeping, being left alone, and crab legs.

Dislikes: Crowds (or people in general), platitudes, the silence of space, high heels, and olives.

Strengths: Physical strength, willpower, and a sharp tongue.

Weaknesses: Immaturity, a short temper, and an unshakable belief that humans are terrible.

Wants: Elora wants to go home and be left alone. If she could go back to when no one knew who she was, she would. She hopes to be declared a human at trial and live as normal a life as she can. Although she’d never admit it, Elora is also very lonely. She wants to reconnect with her parents and find someone she cares about and who cares about her.

Problems: Elora is waiting to stand trial where it will be determined if she is legally a human or a machine. With over fifty percent of her body robotic, she doesn’t stand a chance. But on her way to the trial, an opportunity for Elora to demonstrate her humanity arises.

Renowned scientist Gary Fuentes is lost aboard an alien ship—a place of pure consciousness proven deadly to biological lifeforms—and the only one who can rescue him is a mechanical being like her. But during the mission, Elora encounters the lingering consciousness of Gary’s late husband, Bertie, who died on the ship a year earlier. A system error causes Elora and Bertie’s thoughts to intertwine and his mind becomes a part of her own.

Although she’s able to bring Gary home, she’s stuck carrying Bertie as a passenger. What’s worse, she begins feeling his feelings, including his feelings for Gary. She must learn to navigate this complicated new relationship and still win her case. If she doesn’t, she’ll lose her basic human rights and spend the rest of her life, legally, no different from a can-opener—if she isn’t destroyed for the safety of humankind.

Song: Stroke 9 – Kick Some Ass

Elora’s story, Ternary, is scheduled to release in the spring of 2021. Subscribe to my newsletter for regular updates.

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